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March 17th, 2013, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by bbm0128 View Post
Hi SweetTreat!
I'll try to answer your questions - my husband and I are in our first cycle of IVF (retrieval on Tuesday so I've just experienced all of these questions!)
1) Depending on your clinic, you will be put on various forms of stims (like Menopur or Gonal-F) to stimulate your ovaries into producing more eggs. At my clinic, they suppressed my period so to control when I ovulated by using BCP & later, Lupron. In my case, those last for about 2 weeks and then they do the retrieval. They want to retrieve as many eggs as you produce with the stims. In my case, it'll be about 8 eggs (we hope!) but in others it can be as many as in the 20s.
2) That depends on you, your DH, & the doctor. In our case, it depends on my size (no more than 2), and what the quality of the embryo's are.
3) You can save embryos for later use... this is called a Frozen Embryo Transfer or FET.
4) Generally, (at least at my clinic), the price of a FET is considerably cheaper than an IVF cycle... about $4500 vs $12,500 (not including medications). Fortunately most of my medications were covered by insurance. Not a lot of insurances cover infertility treatments or ART's, but some do. You'll want to check with them too - but your clinic will probably check for you. I called anyway.

Keep in mind that my experience is limited (1st cycle) and some of these other ladies can probably answer in more detail, but have you thought about doing an IUI cycle? This is generally cheaper than IVF & less involved. If your tubes aren't blocked, you might want to think about trying that.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the reply!
Our Dr. said our best option is IVF. and the IUI will most likely be useless. My tubes are fine, all my tests are normal. The only issue is my husband's low sperm count & low motility.
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