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March 17th, 2013, 04:12 PM
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That's really sad about your sister and your dad That's amazing you were able to figure out on your own what was causing it, but sad that you suffered for so long before realizing it. How do you cope? I mean, I can deal with using almond milk in my cooking, but not in my cereal And I'm not sure I could avoid all milk products. which foods are hardest for you to avoid and how do you compensate?

The puppy is an american bull dog. and yet, in no time flat she chewed off one of the ear pieces of my glasses, popped out two lenses, and chewed HUGE un-fixable scratches into the lens (she made my lenses look like they must have been made of plastic!)

You must be antsy for May so you can decorate! I'm antsy for my husband to do the painting, fix the curtain rod,a nd hang the canvases so I can finish the nursery. I will be pissed if I end up having to do that at 7 months pregnant. So glad you got the changing table sorted! And the glider looks wonderful! I am sad we don't have room for one this time

You might not feel him because of the way he is facing. It's normal not to feel your first that frequently. I'm surprised how often I feel this little one now. I feel her every day, most of all at night.

In the food world today, I had an ice cream bar lol I'm about to make this pasta and chicken with spinach mix for dinner What's for dinner over there?
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