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March 17th, 2013, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by sareymac View Post
Aria was our girl choice last time! But now its so popular, but still VERY pretty!!! Sooo that gets my vote!!
I really love the sound of Aria, but now it's coming up in popularity and I hate hate popular names. Like my oldest's name is Karena and she went to a school one time where there were 3 other girls named Karena in her class!!!!

I'm like how in the he** is that possible when no one I've ever talked to has heard that name before. lol
It's still an unpopular name I think though.

I just found out tonight that the name Aria is from a tv show too, Pretty little liars. Now that worries me too because the show is a hit I guess so people will hear the name all the time.

I'm liking them all and just can't make a decision about naming this one. I guess when she decides to make her appearance is when I decide, lol

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Out of the 3 you listed I prefer Nadia, probably cause I know a Nadia who is a very sweet woman and I do think we get some of our personalities from our names. But I do like Julia's suggestion of Ariana (its pretty easy to pronounce too so issues with that in school should be minimized)
I also like the fact that Nadia is a name that people have heard of but it's not in the top 200 either. It's easy to pronounce and people will know how to pronounce it.

now to just make a decision.

Originally Posted by Julka View Post
How about Ariana? It's a nice combination of Aria and Joanna (I'm just saying this because Ariana would have been Sebastian's name had he been a girl). I do agree Joanna is very 70's-80's, every Joanna I know is in the age range of 28-35.
I like the sound of that, but i'm pretty sure SO vetoed it awhile ago. Plus I looked it up tonight and it's in the top 100 no matter how you spell it. That's a huge no no in my naming book,

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