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March 17th, 2013, 06:51 PM
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Hi, I just thought I'd chime in and give my experience. I'm Katie, 25 DH is 28 and we did 2 rounds of IVF and I am now pregnant with twins.

1. Do they retrieve as many eggs as possible? In general, yes. Some programs do a mini-IVf if that is something you would be open to. In those they try for only a couple of high quality eggs rather than as many as they can get. It works great for some. For us it wouldn't have worked I didn't try for this but on our first round we only had 5 mature eggs. I only responded to one of the meds and when this mef was taken away my eggs stopped growing. 2nd time I had 14 mature eggs, 3 were high quality on day of transfer.
2. How many do they insert back into the uterus? We did ours through a military hospital (cheaper but restricted) the first time they did a single embryo transfer. 2nd time they put back 2. Generally 2 is the limit for most under a certian age (usually 35-38) unless there are signficant factors such as repeated failed cycles or losses.
3. If it works the first time, and we still have some eggs left, can we save them for later use? Yes, We had 3 good ones from our 2nd cycle. Two were transfered (our twins) and one is frozen.
4. And if we have left over eggs that we want to use for later use, do we have to pay for IVF all over again? A frozen transfer is generally cheaper. We paid about $7000 for our IVF and a frozen is $2500. This was at a military program.

You can often find research programs that will do a discounted rate. This programs are restricted in what they can offer and do. For us it was the types of meds. They offered two differnent protocals you either did Lupron before baseline or you did it after. That was is it. For some people Lupron doesn't work so that would have been an issue. We also were only given two stim meds and no choices for anything else. You were either able to find a way to make it work for your body or that was it. This was hard for us becaues I probably would have done better on a different stim but in the end we did make it work. I was high risk for OHHS though because it pushed my E2 levels so high. There are a lot of options out there. You just have to figure out what will work best for you.

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