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March 17th, 2013, 06:56 PM
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Pasting my post about my appointment with the NP March 12 2013:
I am seeing the NP this afternoon at 1.30 EST. I have been having raging nausea and m/s. I threw up even today...but I know thats not a sure indicator of anything! I am suddenly nervous now. Please pray that she listens with the doppler and finds the HB (I hope she tries though!)

Also I knowI will be asking abt the NT scan and or Maternit21 & Harmony tests. Anything else you guys can think of that I should ask?

Thanks so much for giving me some luck and confidence. The appt went well. They made me pee in a cup and took a ton of bood. Weighed me and took my BP etc. The NP asked and recorded details abt family history, medical history etc. explained a bit about the various tests. Apparently they recommend the Harmony. She said she is not particularly urging me to get it, but it was up to me and I'd have to check with my insurance if it's covered. In anycase they said they could give me the first trimester quad screening blood test if we wanted to in case we decided not to go with the Harmony.
She did a breast exam!! I wasn't expecting that! But no pelvic exam go figure! She finally got the doppler out and assured me that if we don't hear the HB not to be alarmed and they would do an ultrasound. She did find the HB and said the heart rate was in the 160s yay!! So relieved and happy. They sent me home with a baggie with the 'What to Expect' book, some dos and don'ts lists of medications that are safe etc. and some prenatal samples.

Overall I liked her. She even apologized more than once for having to reschedule me!!

I will be seeing my OB in about 2 weeks And then I will be alternating between the OB and the NP every other visit.

12 weeks March 17 2013

The last two weeks have been well very different from each other! from abt 10 weeks 1 day to 11 weeks, I seemed to feel better nausea wise and I really thought I was turning a corner. But from 11 weeks onwards it has come back with a vengeance and worse than ever. It has been so bad and zofran is no longer helping...I have been in bed practically all day Saturday (yesterday) Today has been bad too. Plus I am dealing with a raging head ache now to boot! My pelvic pain is also getting worse by the day. I hope things improve this coming week. I am so worried about work and how I am going to make it through each day...well that's it for this update...the nausea and headache are making it hard for me to look at the computer screen.
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