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March 17th, 2013, 07:11 PM
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So the tantrums have started. Big time. Maybe if they started this early they'll end early! Cody seriously goes to town with screaming, throwing himself on the floor, kicking his legs - but the most disturbing is banging his head on things. For a few weeks now he's had tiny bruises all along his forehead. I think it's mainly from the tantrums he has in his crib. I'll hear him cry during the night and bang against the side of his crib. I don't want to run in his room every time I hear him because he won't want to be put back down. It's so frustrating - I know you're supposed to ignore tantrums because intervening can make it worse, but he's so little still And he's grabbing and pulling at his gums something awful. I think he's getting more teeth and doesn't know how to express himself with the pain he's feeling. I honestly spend most of my day trying to keep Cody safe. It's getting quite tiring.
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