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March 17th, 2013, 08:45 PM
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I think I still may need further explanation for some things. I'm going to try and make sense of my question because it is even confusing in my head. I took many ancient history courses in college, some of which basically outlined "The Stone Age" ....The Bronze Age, The Iron age, nomadic times, Sumerian times (first writings..cuniform...etc, Babylonian empire. Other than the Sumerians and Babylonian empire, I don't see correlations between the bible and these history books in terms of certain groups of people like the Caananites, Hittitites, the Israelites in Egypt...etc, killing of first born of Egyptions..etc. Why is this? Whether or not people believe in GOD or CHRIST AS THE MESSIAH doesn't necessarily change whether or not these actual groups or people existed and SHOULD be documented. Right? The GREEKS believed in many GOD'S and performed many now, out dated rituals and yet were still recorded. Other than in the bible, these history textbooks do not even make mention of some of these things occurring or even being perceived by certain followers at the time to be occurring. Do you know why? Are my wrong? For instance, we know about the crusades so we are made aware of movements through history. I just wonder why so much of this is left out from this era. Is it because other than certain tools and artifacts found during this time which merely points out what they were using to survive, not much else is documented due to lack of writing? Was Cuniform really the first form of written langauage? The Babylonian empire begins to elaborate on more of a detailed picture of civilization but again, in these history textbooks, there really is none of these biblical acoounts..

I guess what I'm sort of trying to make sense of is two time lines.....the biblical time line and the timeline outlined by historians who write text books. Where and how do they interesect if at all? Do they oppose one another in references/complement one another, or are they basicaly two completely different records of history. Obviousely what was going on during the Old Test times was profound with all the plagues, death, etc.....I just can't fathom why these are not recorded anywhere but in the bible. Many of the ancient biblical Pharoes and Kings seemed quite significant and yet are never discussed in history class. Again, even if these things or interpretations are questionable to some, them taking place or being a part of mainstream culture and events then, you would think there would be that data included.
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