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March 17th, 2013, 09:09 PM
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I read they have a 6 year expiration date. Anybody get a used one for your first child? I'm not talking about reusing from one kid to the next.

My DH gets annoyed with me that I don't want to use his sister's used car seats. They will be anywhere from 3-7 years old by the time we get them. My nieces also don't have car rules - I've seen horrible things in those car seats - here is a completely melted candy bar, why not eat it in your upholstered seat and wipe your hands on it? Etc. My DH is anal about clean hands and I'm shocked he would want to inherit a piece of equipment like that whose cover can't even be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Sometimes your own dirt isn't as bad as others, you know? These are the same nieces who try and bare ***** on my white sofa. I just can't deal! I see him spend $ on things - is the safety and hygiene of your newborn not a priority?
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