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March 17th, 2013, 09:59 PM
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I agree! I don't really like the government being in charge of anything education-related, actually.

That said.....

Yes, it would be easier if all states had the same regulations, but then again, I like that each state is able to make up its own mind about things like this. I honestly LOVE being in Texas where we're not regulated as far as homeschooling goes, BUT I do think there should be a tiny bit of regulation in place. I'd like to see all states require registration, simply for statistical purposes and to keep up with families who are neglecting their kids, and I think that some sort of accountibility should be in place - with a family's choice of testing or portfolio. Testing would be a simple, easy way for most kids to show they're progressing, but a portfolio option is also wonderful for kids who, for whatever reason, can't test (special needs, etc.).
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