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March 17th, 2013, 10:21 PM
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So sorry..I know this bored really helped me because I needed to talk to some one who has gone through the same loss..My baby Anthony had the cord tightly wrapped around his neck twice..My husband was their the whole time during labor and delivery..When we got home I said I wanted to try for another baby ASAP in like a month but he told everyone he wants a vasectomy..Which was killing me inside and If he did we would not have stayed married..So I ended up pregnant 6 months later and very lonely because he didnt care about the pregnancy..After baby Max was born for the whole year I felt like I was raising my kids alone because my husband was just not interested in helping out...He was the best dad anyone could ask for with our firstborn Michael and then with Max he was the opposite...just absent..not there..always working...or drinking..

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