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March 18th, 2013, 04:29 AM
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...that after the GTKY game, we should have a celebration of each other, our community, and our friendships.

We haven't had one for a few years so I am thinking we should have a SUMMER of LOVE in 2013!!!

At the moment, I am thinking blinkies; inviting some ladies from other religion boards to do a "My Faith" share and Q&A; member awards; and a secret soul sister exchange.

I am thinking with the exchange that we have two possible budgets, one lower and one higher, and that people can have the option to buy or make the gift(s) providing the value matches the budget. So for example, if I am in a round robin where the budget is 20/$20, I could give the person an angel reading (value 10), and then buy them a small set of oracle cards or a small book to the value of 10. You can play to your own gifts and talents in making or reading or whatever for people, and if you don't normally charge you could always check out online what the average price for that product or service is for value matching. I would also post up some links to online stores where prices are really reasonable and people may get more for their /$. Hopefully doing it this way would give everyone chance to participate.

Wdyt and does anyone have any ideas to add?
Is anyone here able to make blinkies because for member awards you need a ton for the prizes and you're only supposed to ask for a few at a time at Blinkies R Us.

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