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March 18th, 2013, 08:42 AM
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At what age would you allow your daughter to start wearing make up?


My husband and I never really discussed this, though I definitely didn't want my daughter doing the whole make up thing young (can't say what age I wouldn't mind her starting, but age 6 isn't it!). I don't wear make up often so thankfully my daughter hasn't shown interest--though she does love nail polish and wears it every few months (not my doing).

Recently, however, I've noticed other girls her age showing an interest. Then my friend took her to church the other day and she was so well behaved that the class instructor commented on it to my friend (that my daughter was listening even when no one else was, which is the norm for her, despite my complaints of her emotional outburst at other times lol). So my friend took her to Toys R Us and bought her make up--differently lip glosses with sparkles and a pink lipstick that looks like nothing on).

My husband was mildly upset. He said to me, "Isn't that something someone should ask the parent before buying for a child?" And I agree with him. My friend should have asked. Neither of us see it as a big deal, though. I did ask my daughter who picked it out and she said my friend did. She probably suggested it and my daughter thought it seemed like a good idea. She was very happy with her prize. We didn't take it away from her, because it's not a HUGE deal and I wasn't going to upset her over lip gloss, but I have to say I hope this isn't the start of a pattern. I'm not anti make up, I just want my daughter to realize she doesn't need it.

Anyway, I told her the lip gloss was fun and helped her put it on, and also told her that she is beautiful, even MORE SO without make up. I also told her the secret to make up is wearing so little that no one can tell you have any on and that her skin will stay really pretty the more she doesn't wear make up.

I wouldn't say this is a huge deal to me, but I do care a little. I'm not sure it's worth setting any limits over though. At least for now, I'm going to keep discussing it with my husband and we'll see where it goes. If we don't make a big deal, there's a good chance that in a few days she'll be bored with the lip gloss (she's already rapidly loosing interest) and that will be the end of it. But if she starts wanting to wear eye shadow and blush, I might need to figure something else out, even if it's only that she only gets to wear it once a week and only at home or something.

Oh, we also talked (later) about how it's more important to be beautiful on the inside. I didn't talk to her about make up at this time, just about how she is a very beautiful girl but being beautiful on the inside is the most important. Then I asked if she was beautiful on the inside and she said yes and I said "You bet" and tickled her. Then we disco danced.

What are your thoughts for Make Up for Kids? Are you okay with it at any age? Do you have any hard or soft limits where this is concerned? How would you handle someone else buying make up for your daughter?
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