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March 18th, 2013, 09:06 AM
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Well today is 8 weeks! So far, so good, I suppose! I feel like I'm starting to "show" - by that I mean, I'm getting fat and having troubles sucking it in haha. I know it isn't baby yet, but I am definitely looking a little rounder in the tummy area. Maybe if I would lay off the macaroni and cheese, or the pizza, I wouldn't be so plump!

Nothing exciting happened at my sister's - my mom of course kept mentioning us getting pregnant, or talking about our "future baby." I wonder if any of them suspect anything? I bet my sister does. I told her long before we got pregnant that when I DO get pregnant, I am not going to tell anybody for a while. So I bet she has a suspicion.

Symptoms are still pretty mild, which I am super thankful for (but it also scares me a little, makes me think something is wrong). Haven't thrown up yet *fingers crossed* and have still just had mild nausea. Breasts are still tender, but not nearly as bad as they were a couple weeks ago. Definitely pretty sleepy still but nothing I can't handle. Having trouble sleeping at night, which sucks - I wake up feeling like I need 10 more hours of sleep. I still haven't really had any cravings. I guess that's good? I see some ladies on here are craving weird things already. I haven't really craved anything, or at least nothing that I just absolutely had to have right that second.

Just a couple more weeks until we tell the world! Our next ultrasound got changed to April 4, so I sincerely hope that nothing bad happens between Easter and then. It's only 4 days, but I am scared that we'll announce on Easter and then have a devastating ultrasound. I just keep praying for the Bump and doing what I can to be a good home for him or her.

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