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March 18th, 2013, 11:44 AM
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I have a similar story and grief about it. I was in labor for days, and the hospital kept sending me home as I was having real contractions, but not dilating past 2cm. I ended-up being "induced" at 41 weeks and 5 days. They had to get something moving. My contractions were so bad I hadn't slept in 72 hours and couldn't keep down food or water (multiple IV bags of fluids throughout the previous 48 hours). I went nearly 8 hours on pitocin with no epidural.

I was so sleep and calorie deprived that I could handle the contractions every 60 seconds, just not the lack of sleep. I was at 9cm for hours and hours. She was tiltled, and my cervix would not dilate the last bit. The doctors kept telling me I would need a C-Section soon. My water had broken and there was mecunium, and we were getting occasional fetal heart rate issues.

The doctors tried for hours to convince me an epidural might allow me to relax enough to "complete."

I got the epidural, feel asleep within 5 minutes, and woke-up shortly (like 30 minutes) thereafter with an incredible urge to push. She was born about 45 mintues later.

I feel so bad for giving in and getting an epidural, but feel it helped me avoid a c-section.

As for the rest of your story, I'm so sorry and I hope they figure it out and help you heal quickly.

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