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March 18th, 2013, 02:03 PM
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oh heck no!!! i would be so PO'd!!!!!
i would def say something. I agree, i dont care if it was walmart brand clothes are NOT cheap and that is NOT acceptable!
I would notify the director that this is happening. as a low income mama i would be devastated if one of my good outfits for tuckr had been disposed of like that. other moms may have had the same issue but dont know how or are to afraid to say anything. i would most def say something even just to let them know whats going on. let them know you are not out to get her fired and you are happy with her work but this is one thing that she needs to be notified of that is not ok :/

as far as paying for it, that is up to you. if you want reimbursement thats your call. personally i would because like i said i am a low income mama, i really cant afford for his clothes to just be thrown away

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