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March 18th, 2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Laurenj915 View Post
I agree!

And to quote some enlightened yoga lovin board member for a few weeks ago...
"You are not a body, you are light--- your body is a tool to serve LOVE."

Seriously, I am not posting that to tease you. I actually remembered you saying it because I loved it. I have been a skinny girl all my life and my first pregnancy I was very concerned about gaining weight, staying fit, and getting back in shape the moment I left the hospital. IT SUCKED!

I think sometimes when you have spent your life being told you are so lucky to be thin, to have a tiny waist, blah blah blah... it is disconcerting to know that may change and also to feel a little out of control of it all. Let go a bit if you can, you eat healthy and exercise and you will gain the appropriate amount of weight for you and your baby.
I thought this same thing

I have gained 3-4 lbs give or take, I guess. I have always been complimented on my figure but don't like being complimented on my physical traits so much. I'm enjoying having a new look and body that is doing its job.. Just like when I was an athlete I liked being complimented on my hard work.
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