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March 18th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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I went through this with my LO. I was going insane about it. I actually worked with two lactation consultants. Both told me that your boobs produce what you need, and even if you pump, she can suck out more because they instantly start producing when she sucks.

Drink lots of water! To produce six ounces of milk, you need at least six ounces of water. Your body needs water for you and her. I notice on days I drink more water, I make more milk.

I was terrified to pump, that she's be so hungry, but pumping and feeding her as made my boobs go CRAZY! I'm freezing up to 12 ounces a day, on top of feeding her. It's insanity. We can barely go grocery shopping as I'm afraid of getting engorged. I've overdone it. It wasn't always this way.

Also, she could be so comforted by you that she falls asleep. Both LC told me to get her naked, down to the diaper. Rub her lightly, scratch her back, shake her (VERY gently), and do anything you need to to keep her awake. I've tried startling her with noise when she falls asleep. She'll wake up and suck vigorously for a moment. I play with her feet, I blow on her, etc. It really helps!
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