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March 18th, 2013, 04:59 PM
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I know how hard it is to be placed on br., I had it with our second. Here is a little good news. I took the Procardia and it worked. I went into PT around 26 (and a couple day). I delivered a couple day prior to 38 week! The doc said there is no guarantee that it was the Procardia. All I know is that I had our child within a week of d/c of the Procardia. Hope you have a similar wonderful outcome.

Just another thought. Did you get an IV of Magnesium. It used to be used to stop PT. They found that calcium blockers work better (hence the Procardia). However, research has shown that if you deliver early the mag greatly decreases CP. Just something to talk with your doc. Here is a link I was at a lecture where this was discussed as well.

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