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March 18th, 2013, 05:59 PM
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I generally just get whatever looks good at the natural food store where I do most of my shopping. I have several 7th generation products and some random brands. I found a really effective mildew remover that is enzyme based, works just as well as bleach, amazingly enough. This house breeds mildew like crazy I also really like Bon Ami powder (like Barkeepers Friend) for cleaning the kitchen sink and tough counter stains. My all time favorite cleaner is Bac-Out enzyme spray for pee and poop. That stuff is pure magic. We use a little spray on poopy cloth diapers after rinsing them off, and don't have a hint of odor from the open-top wet bag. It is great on carpets and upholstery too. Oh and oxygen bleach powder... MAGIC. Make a concentrated solution and it gets basically all dirt and food stains out of anything, odorless and quite nontoxic once it has been exposed to air for awhile and the H2O2 has done its thing.

I have a vinegar solution in a spray bottle too, and I like to sanitize the cutting board island occasionally by wiping it down with straight vinegar, but I am too lazy to make my own very often, and like the performance of store bought cleaners. The natural ones don't tend to give me a headache the way mainstream brands do. I can't handle Comet and Lysol and cleaners like that. I do have bleach on hand and use it for diapers when needed, and some Clorox wipes for emergencies like when M had the most disgusting vomit ever all over her carseat and Bac-out was not touching the gross smell, Clorox wipes to the rescue!! Haha.

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