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March 18th, 2013, 06:10 PM
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So sorry I forgot about checking this! Have you found out the sex or decided if you are going to find out? I am really enjoying not finding out. I was worried I would be tempted when I had my detailed ultrasound, but I wasn't! I don't really have a strong feeling about whether its a boy or girl . . . I wish I had some great intuition, but nope. Are you still feeling well? Have you had your detailed ultrasound? Oh, my midwives helped me decided I should use the due date my LMP would give me of 8/15 (the date of 8/12 was based on an early ultrasound measurement). Since I went so far overdue last time and had a c-secion the midwife thought this would be wise. Anything new with you? Hope all is well!
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