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March 18th, 2013, 06:15 PM
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many things... among these are improper grammar, sh*t talking, pictures/posts trying to shove your beliefs in my face expecting me to follow, and most of all those grotesque pictures of abused/mutilated animals and young children/babies I just honestly wanna smack people for reposting that like I want to see an abused child or animal on my newsfeed.... just plain idiots.. I do a lot of facebook cleansing i.e. "friend" deletion. There was one particular post that really pissed me off last week, actually a friend of mine who always posts about veganism posted a grotesque picture of a naked man and woman mutilated hanging off hooks like they have the animals in slaughter houses to prove her point. I get you are passionate about something but COME ON ***!?? Ya... end of rant. lol
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