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March 18th, 2013, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by MarylandMama View Post
I am so sorry you are going through so much! Big hug! I have to agree that autism isn't something a kid will "grow out of." I think that's a stupid thing to say. BUT, with that said, ABA is amazing if you have someone who is good. I do ABA and one of the kids that I worked with in 2011 only had 2 words when we started (he was 2 and a half). Lots of problem behaviors, very clearly on the spectrum. I was only able to work with them for a short period of time because they had a move out of state planned before his diagnosis. I threw a lot of my time into training his mom. She emailed me just last week to tell me that in his most recent evaluation, he no longer qualifies for a diagnosis of autism and will be entering kindergarten with no supports. Maybe this kind of thing is what people mean by "grow out of it." But he didn't grow out if it. He received the intervention that he needed, from me first and continued around the clock by his mother, and overcame his obstacles. I have seen this happen only a couple of times in the many years I have been with kids with autism. It does sound like Chloe is pretty mildly effected, so I would imagine, with the right therapists, she will do very well.

As for feeling like pregnancy sucks, preach it, sister! I love my daughter and I can't wait to have this baby, but I HATE being pregnant. I hope you can find some time to take for yourself to relax soon to take the edge off. And maybe have a serious talk with your boyfriend about being there for you more and helping out. It sounds like there is entirely too much stress falling on your shoulders. More hugs! Hang in there!
Since you do ABA for a living would it be terribly out of line for me to ask your advice for how I can work with my daughter until I can actually hopefully get her into an ABA program? I am also having a really really rough time with potty training. I feel like I've tried a million things and even the ideas for kids with autism and nothing works and she outright refuses and says she doesn't want to wear big girl underwear or sit on the potty, where before she would and the same with teeth brushing she was and now doesn't want to?? UGH!
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