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March 18th, 2013, 08:15 PM
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Well I have a ton to update on I guess.
7weeks 2 days- I threw up for the first time, I'd been dry heaving a ton and was really getting a great abdominal work it wasn't fun. With the actual puking I don't feel any better afterward but I don't heave as much either, so I guess it is a good change.
I also saw my midwife for the first time that day. She was just as confident in person as on the phone, and I'm really really excited to be hiring her for my HBAC! Unfortunately we didn't try to listen for babies heart beat, but I feel confident that he or she is growing just fine. I also couldn't ask for a perscription because she doesn't write them herself her physicians assistant does and she wasn't at this appointment, I think I'd have to call that in.
8 weeks 2 days- today.
Morning sickness sucks, no mater how you look at it. I've not been able to do more at one time than just to load the dishwasher without puking any day in abour two weeks going on three. I had two very breif breaks yesterday at which time I loaded the dishwasher and picked up some of the kids toys in the livingroom. Honestly you can't tell I did a thing because 1. I wasn't able to do much and 2. the house is such a wreck that even if I spent hours cleaning it wouldn't look much better.
Hubby has been amazing though, stepping up to help out in lots of areas that I don't even have to ask for. He gets up and dressed and about 50% of the time gets our daughter up and changed, then goes down stairs and makes breakfast for everyone, cereal for DS, oatmeal for DD, and then depending on his mood and the amount of time he has he will either fry me an egg put on some toast and fry some bacon or microwave me a Jimmy Dean sandwich, and take care of his own breakfast, then watch some cartoons with the kids, do his college work on-line, make lunch for everyone (occassionally I can help but not usually) then he helps me get the kids down for naps, naps with me and gets up to pack himself a lunch and quietly leaves for work, usually without waking me up. This kid is getting one amazing dad!
He wasn't like this with the other two pregnancies, but I think that having been through those two he kinda knows what I can and can not handle, and then after our loss last year and me being on bedrest I think he is just ready to step up his game when he is needed. He is AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a better husband!

Now, I REALLY want to continue doing MY part, so this morning sickness can just get right on out the door any time now! I so far today have taken care of the kids, gotten three loads of laundry washed (still need to get the last one in the dryer) and folded a few loads from last week that still hadn't been folded, and took the kids to church to get their derby cars cut out (DH is making them with the kids but didn't have the right saw to cut them and the church was hosting an event for it)... hopefully tomorrow is a more productive day, but I feel pretty good about todays productivity.
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