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March 18th, 2013, 08:37 PM
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I hate when someone reposts something they assume is true just cuz they read it on the internet. Example politicalish type posts making up lies about someone from the opposite granted I dont mind my friends having their own political views but what drives me insane is when its something that is utter lies and the people believe it like its the gospel truth. I dont mind if its true but there is nothing I hate more than people just blindly believing things without fact checking.
I also hate anti religious posts or overly zealot type religious posts. I dont give a rats behind what your religious standpoint is...I am pretty open and dont try to force my beliefs on you...therefore shut up and stop trying to tell me either Im not religious enough or that Im stupid/foolish etc for having a belief system. (I actually get more people posting comments that are atheists talking smack on those who are religious)
And my pet peeve is my mom. She will repost everything!! (You cant exactly unfriend your own mom) My mom has reposted my own personal pics and my own personal statuses. She will repost almost everything in her news feed so i get all these reposts about lost dogs and every random post from every group shes liked. It was bad enough I made my baby bro(the only one she listens to) explain facebook she stopped reposting my stuff lol but she still floods my news feed every day.

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