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March 18th, 2013, 10:19 PM
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Great link!

Yea, I used to have a friend w/o any kids that I eventually de-friended for one bc she always had snide little comments about my parenting and how she'd do things differently, yadda yadda. Well, she's got a kid now and I often wonder if it's occurred to her yet about how she had nooo idea WTH she was talking about before and that she was being a jerk! haha.. probably not.

My BFF is also not a parent yet and she is completely non-judgmental. She realizes that she won't really know until she's been there. She has an open mind and only knows what she thinks or suspects she'll be like or do as a parent. One reason I love her so much is her attitude about this kind of stuff. But, she's a diamond in the rough.

I didn't really have time to have opinions pre-children. I got pregnant at the age of 20. I just kinda went with whatever DH wanted to do and I'm glad I was so open minded bc it was a lot smoother transition into finding a natural parenting groove.
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