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March 18th, 2013, 10:32 PM
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Early, late, or on time? Born on my duedate March 17th and my mom was thrilled not only bc of the St.Patty's day thing but also bc her fav # is 17. She wants this baby to be born on the 17th too. I'm due the 18th so could happen, I spose.

Born natural, c/s, or with drugs? ERCS due to footling breech that the Dr. didn't catch even though my parents were trying to tell him they thought I was breech. She had to be put completely under and everything.

Formula fed or breastfed? BF for 6 months but Mom is a teacher and had to get back to work. Bc my bday falls mid March, she took the rest of the school yr off and then the summer. She says now she wishes she had pumped but that wasn't really done very much back then so it didn't occur to her.

Disposable or cloth diapered? Cloth, my parents were extremely poor.

Has your mother's choices influenced yours? TBH, not really. I mean, I'm glad she did what she did in certain aspects but the things DH and I have done as parents have come mostly from us. Although, I think DH got a lot of his parenting methods from his Mommy, She was pretty into natural childbirth (even attempted a VBAC back in 1988) and extended BFing.
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