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March 19th, 2013, 01:41 AM
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That is all so true! I thought about how I would feel leaving my son alone with his son as they got older when you mentioned it Keakie and the thought terrifies me! And we've talked about having more kids together...I know his son is actually somewhat gentle with babies as I've seen him with them, and thought it would give him/my son some common ground. But once the novelty wears off I'm sure he would be just as rough with the baby, too, particularly if it meant he wouldn't be getting as much attention.

I have been pushing for the ADHD assessment as much as I can, encouraging it when he says it's not necessary, and I do think he considers my opinion so it might help. I've also talked to him about how I feel his son bullies my son, however I haven't talked to him about the lack of consequences his son faces when he acts out. I guess I'm scared to insult him when it comes to his parenting. I don't know if it would help much anyway, if he doesn't see his son's behaviour as that bad.

I can't see this working out long term if things continue this way and it's such a shame because he really is a great man. I guess I just wanted to know whether I was exaggerating the issue and whether this really was normal behaviour/roughhousing or whether I was justified in wanting to keep my son away from his. Thanks everyone for your input
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