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March 19th, 2013, 05:39 AM
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I think I might have been a few days early but I'm not sure. I was breastfed. My grandma gave her a hard time about it because in her mind you only breastfed because you couldn't afford formula so she thought it made her look poor. Ugh! I was cloth diapered. I think that was the norm in the late 70's anyways.

I think even if my mom had used formula and disposables, I would still choose BF and cloth. But it's great to have good support from her. My MIL breastfed (and used cloth) too so it's nice to not feel AS awkward if I need to nurse the baby around her.

Oh yeah I forgot to put stuff about delivery. My mom had something in her IV, but no epidural. I'm not sure how common epidurals were back then. I'm definitely a "drugs, not hugs" person in the delivery room, so her lack of epidural didn't influence me. Hats off to anyone who goes natural though!

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