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March 19th, 2013, 06:27 AM
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Lucy falls asleep easily on her own for naps- I wait for her sleepy cues to know that she is ready, then I swaddle her arms and put her in her swing with her pacifier, and she falls asleep on her own.
Bedtime can be a little more complex because she gets put down in the bassinet. We do bath time, swaddle her in a muslin blanket, and DH is usually the one to give her her final bottle. She sometimes falls asleep during it, so he holds her and cuddles her a while til she's in a deep enough sleep to be moved to her bassinet.
Lately though, she's been waking up when being moved. We have a few methods we try- moving her to her swing, where she gets in a nice deep sleep and then we move her to her bassinet.
Last night, she wouldn't fall asleep. Not sure if she was over tired or what. I wasn't going to bed yet, but I laid down in my bed with her to see if that would get her to sleep. Nope, too fidgety. So I rocked and cuddled her in the rocking chair. She fell asleep but awoke when I put her in the bassinet. Finally I put her back in the swing and turned out all the lights. She finally fell asleep and about 20 minutes later transitioned easily to her bassinet.
Most nights are easy, but once in a while we have to try a few methods. Luckily she doesn't cry or anything, just fidgets or grunts.
For her middle of the night feeding, on her best nights she falls asleep in my arms and I move her to her bassinet and she is right back asleep.
Often times its DH who feeds her when he gets up for work (around 4am) If she isn't transitioning to the bassinet easily, he'll put her in her swing, which is right outside our bedroom door. That does the trick and gives me a few extra hours of sleep.

Haha I just realized how long my response was- sleep methods are usually long and intricate in our house
I think things would be going more smoothly if she had her own room. She's going to be sharing a room with DD1, so I don't want to move her in there til Bedtime and night feedings are a little more predictable.

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