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March 19th, 2013, 08:20 AM
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I'm soo not patient enough for all this waiting. It has been like two weeks since we officially decided on December and I'm going crazyyyy!!

On the positive side, I just got a job yesterday! And I will be working from home! It isn't full time, doesn't pay a lot, but it's enough for me to start saving and buying baby things. Part of our 'agreement' to start TTC in December is that it can't stress us out financially, so I promised that I would start getting things now so that we will be set before baby comes without having to run out and spend $2000 in a day. I'm going to start buying cloth diapers a few at a time, as well as save up for a carseat and a nice wrap.

I'm also thankful that we will have one last summer to enjoy with the boys and free weekends. Since the boys have different dads, DF and I get our weekends mostly free and once baby comes, that will be gone. It will be nice to have the opportunity to enjoy that before we make the leap.

But then I see pictures of my friends' little babies and my ovaries kick into over drive and I don't care about that any more.

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