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March 19th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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Ideally it would have been great to have it all done before we moved in, but we didn't want to pay for storage/live with my mom for a month before moving in. Not that she isn't great, but a month is a long time! Our agreement is that hubby keeps all his teaching money to support his airplane addiction, so that won't help. But they finally got raises(crappy ones, but at least something) after 2 years of not getting them, so that's a few hundred extra starting this month.

For several years we've only paid cash (well technically charged it/paid it off after getting some rewards for it), but with the tractor and furniture they weren't willing to go any lower for paying upfront, so we went ahead and financed it at 0% for a year. So we financed about 75% of the cost of those. Figured that'll keep more money aside for if an emergency came up. We might end up doing that for the doors we have to replace too. We know we'll be here many many years, so I was okay with doing that if it meant we could have more done now rather than having to do work at random times. I am debating if I want to bite the bullet and get the 2 hallway bathrooms done. The showers are keepable and possibly the toilets, so the cost shouldn't be too outrageous (I HOPE!)
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