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March 19th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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I was a pre-k teacher for years but started out in the baby room for about a year. I think your story is very, very strange. Clothes get poop, puke, paint, food and mud on them all the time but you never-ever throw away anything. I would honestly be thinking...did THEY do something to it? Or steal it? I know that is a terrible thought but the idea they would throw away a poop clothes mess is just impossible to me. They would be throwing away things all the time! I dont want to get you paranoid, but that is so unprofessional and flat out wrong. I know its scary...dont bite the hand that feeds you...I get it no one wants the person that takes care of their baby mad at them but Im thinking there are other problems here if she cant even properly care for a dirty diaper.
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