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March 19th, 2013, 09:27 AM
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Thank you ladies. Ya sorry things have been nutty. I haven't slept much. Between Madalyn wanting to sleep on me and her night day confusion......
We have Emma in toddler bed. So she falls out here and there, which hubby has been getting up and helping with that. Madalyn won't sleep more than 15 min in her bassinet. She wants to be on my chest or on my boob.

I am excited that breast feeding worked out this time. I am still new at it and confused alot. But I'm winging it. She had a 15 min crying attach yesterday and wouldn't latch. I couldn't calm her down at all. I wonder if it was the cereal and milk I had yesterday morning. Her poop seems slightly more watery that the last couple days.

Ya the spinal didn't take. I didn't feel the cutting per say..... but I felt her fingers pulling, the tools pulling, the pressure and more. OMG!! I was in and out the whole time. I guess hubby said I passed out a couple times from pain. No one could get me to calm down. Finally they pulled Madalyn out, and I felt relief. I cried...cried for relief and cried cause no more pain. Then BAM more pain....removing placenta and such. At that point the anesthesiologist (sp?) gave me pain meds to knock me out and calm me down. I don't remember anything after that point. I was wheeled into recovery and I woke up and asked for Madalyn. I wanted to try to feed. The nurse asked if I could move my legs. I lifted them off the table and bent my knees....she was shocked. She said i SHOULD NOT be moving my legs yet. wow. They brought Madalyn in and instantly she latched!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i was so happy. Then we got wheeled into post partum and here we are. I had staples in for 6 days. Found out doc cut me horizontally also (uterus) cause she had hard time getting Madalyn out.

Then the truth comes out...... My doc had a bit of a panic attack...she really couldn't get Maddie out easily. She was worried about me, seeing I was in pain, and crying. And then was trying to figure out how to get her head out. She said that it broke her heart seeing the spinal didn't work. She also said that I tried pulling down the drape, and was trying to hit my doctors hands away from me. Then my arms had to be held down cause I was going nuts honestly. The anesthesiologist said he gave me 3 meds that should have knocked me out for an hour after surgery. He walked into the recovery room and withing 5 minutes I was awake. So needless to say both my doc and the hospital marked my chart with tons of notes. And will never never do a spinal again.

First time meeting my baby


Thank you Vicki.... for my beautiful siggie!!!

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