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March 19th, 2013, 09:58 AM
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Of course the risk of this is ridiculously low. The news can sensationalize literally anything. "But parents need not be overly alarmed, said Ken Denmead, the editor of the geekdad blog on He's yet to hear of a burglar using a baby monitor to case a house."

If you're worried about the possibility of someone else seeing it, you can get one that uses wifi (and no one could "accidentally" see the video feed). I'd also consider where you lived... it would be more likely that someone else could pick up the signal in an apartment building (at least there'd be more people to pick it up) than if you're in a house (where only a couple of houses would be in range).

If I were you, I would just go for it, if it's something you think you'd like.
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