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March 19th, 2013, 10:52 AM
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how old is your LO? Claire is 2.5, babies are 7 months
what did you plan as a sleeping arrangement before they were born? I thought co-sleeping was dangerous and irresponsible; I planned for Claire to sleep in her crib, which we had set up in her room.
what was their sleeping arrangement after they were born? I started bedsharing with Claire in the hospital and just didn't stop when we got home. It seemed completely natural and safe. After doing a little reading online I realized that if done properly, bedsharing is the best possible arrangement for babies.I love sleeping with my babies...there's nothing like waking up to their sweet smells and sounds, and of course for BFing it is SO easy.
what is their sleeping arrangement now? Claire sleeps in her own room in a full-sized bed. One baby bedshares with me and DH, and the other sleeps in the crib next to our bed...they take turns.

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