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March 19th, 2013, 11:55 AM
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how old is your LO? Eliana is 3, Eli is 1 1/2

what did you plan as a sleeping arrangement before they were born? bassinet right by my bed for the first few months. With my first I planned on switching to a crib in another room, with Eli I knew better and planned on keeping the crib in our room.

what was their sleeping arrangement after they were born? Both had the bassinet, when Ellie got too big for it I moved her to her nursery. I regret not co-sleeping but I was dangerously anemic, and it probably would not have been safe.
Eli I moved to his crib, but he never stayed there for very long, so we ended up co-sleeping 90% of the time

what is their sleeping arrangement now?
Eliana sleeps in Eli's crib in our room, when she wakes up she gets DH on the queen bed and sleeps there until he leaves for work, then she joins me and Eli on the king sized bed.
My only complaint about the set-up is that I keep waking the kids up during my frequent pregnant restroom trips.

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