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March 19th, 2013, 12:17 PM
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Haha. Not something I ever, remotely considered as a negative to getting a video monitor. I don't see how a picture of my child in a crib could possibly help them case my house. Although, the alarm stickers, padlock on the fence, and fact that we are on a major road with motion lights might deter them even if they did manage to figure out which room they were seeing.

We have one. I love it. There is one in Kierans room that just looks at him sleeping in the crib. Nothing else can be seen about the room. But in Liam's room you can see the whole front, right corner. Which includes me being able to see the window. Which I like, not opposite. You can see that window from the road as well. So if someone wants to break in it, they will be seen by every person who frequents the road. We keep it shut, doubled locked, and there is a bookshelf that would make it mighty hard to get into the room! Lol. If anything it could make someone pick a different house!

But it's not something I would really worry about. I love being able to see them sleep and I feel spoiled by being able to roll over and check on them visually whenever I want to. We will continue using ours.
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