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March 19th, 2013, 01:25 PM
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This entire morning was appts! First one was with the high risk OB for the NT scan and more general consult about the SCH - it went perfectly! Baby continues to look great, measuring ahead at 13w5d and the NT measurement was a very normal 1.2 so, honestly, it couldn't have gone better despite my nerves

We went back through my prior 4 losses with him - just of interest for those of you who have had a confirmed Trisomy 21 loss, the peri basically said it barely changes your risk % in future pregnancy, it's really primarily age driven, so said at most my risk of another Trisomy 21 loss would maybe go up by 1-2% (and this is honestly nothing as RPL basically jacked my m/c rate to 75-80% already).

OB appt also went fine, she's decided to have me come off bedrest (which she put me on after a 3rd big bleed 2 weeks ago) more slowly so is not certifying me to return to work until Monday but otherwise was very reassured by the peri's assessment from the L2 scan because while the bleed is still hanging around (and I continue to bleed daily ) he saw no clots near the placenta and that was the real risk they were concerned about.

I go back to see peri again in just shy of 3 weeks for another scan. I'll see OB for another follow up in exactly 3 weeks...but so far so good, and I think we'll probably tell Savannah & announce more generally after this next scan

Here's a pic of our lil bitty one - baby definitely wasn't cooperating (they struggled to get some of the measurements) so no one even took a guess at boy/girl and no angle of the dangle shot either.


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