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March 19th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by LeedaRenee View Post
Just curious: Did you have a fetal echo done that came back normal?
No. There was no reason from the Ultrasounds to expect that a fetal echo was even needed, so they never did one.

Originally Posted by LeedaRenee View Post
I still can't believe they don't do a pulse ox on every kid born. I guess the cost of the sat probe factors in?
Most likely the cost of the probe probably does figure in, even though its complete bullcrap. You can get a pediatric pulse-ox on the web for 50.00!!

I looked up the pulse oximeters that I've seen CHOC use. A whopping $285.00. There is no reason why that low of a cost, spread over hundreds of babies, should even be an issue. My view: We pay LEAST $15,000.00 for a normal uncomplicated delivery? They can afford the flipping pulse ox!

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