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March 19th, 2013, 02:03 PM
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So I spoke with the assistant director who I have actually become pretty good friends with as the director was out. That made it a little bit easier. I told her I wasn't there to point anyone out but I was upset so I wanted to tell her something that happened on Friday. She stated "you mean (name of teacher?)" I was caught pretty off guard so I said yes. She stated because it is a daycare center they are required by law to report the slightest thing because if something happens if anyone witnessed it and did not say anything they would be held personally responsible as well. Another teacher had already told the director that the teacher was changing Micah's soiled diaper and was obviously agitated. She was told Micah was never hurt or in danger but just being clearing agitated is cause for concern when around infants. I was told they already have a meeting set up with her today as it is unacceptable. They were not aware however that Micah's clothes were thrown away. They said when we started daycare we had to sign a contract that stated anything list or stollen is not their responsibility; however, since it was admitted to me that the outfit was thrown away they will need to call the person over the region as they are not sure if they are then responsible to replace it since it was obviously not lost or stollen.

I am not going to lie I do feel pretty bad since I did not intend to say her name but I do feel great that a teacher had already said something. I like that my son is in an environment where that occurs! I just hope it isn't awkward between that teacher and I now... I did not intend for her to be pointed out I just thought maybe they would address everyone. I even told the assistant director this and she said I am just too nice. She stated they already have the meeting scheduled regardless if the clothes were thrown away or not that action just makes it worse. I just hope she doesn't hate me now
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