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March 19th, 2013, 03:35 PM
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I'm so up and down about this...
I am actually not minding being pregnant - I feel fortunate that my pregnancy has been as "simple" as it has been...Being pregnant is just a LOT, but I know it could be WAY worse we are getting closer to the end...I'm scared to death, honestly!
Most of my fears come from this being an unplanned pregnancy.
Not really stressing about delivery (which is odd), but I'm scared for this childless chapter of my life to be over - although I am soo excited to be a mommy.
I'm scared to be so responsible for such an innocent little gal.
I hear how difficult parenting can be - and have seen it for myself, with friends and family alike.
I'm very worried about what we are going to do for me to be able to come back to work after I give's scary to think about how much money we DON'T have saved up for me to be off work.
I'm terrified that I won't have everything prepared in time... I feel like there is just so much left to be done...

But as time moves on - no matter how scared I get... I always think about how excited I am to hold her!!! I just can't wait for her to be in my arms.


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