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March 19th, 2013, 04:20 PM
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UGH! The DUCKFACE!!! I hate that. Or just the girls that post a 10 pictures of themselves every day.

I also can't stand this one girl on mine from my HS. She has two kids by different dads and it is a dramafest. But shes always posting relationship "advice" or something about how "God's leading her way" Really?? He led you to cheat on your long time boyfriend and get pregnant by the guy you cheated with...then break up with them both and marry some army guy...then cheat on him with someone in his unit and divorce him...then break up with new army and get with another guy...and then get pregnant by him??? only now this guy has turned around and is bouncing back and forth between her and his other "baby mama"....haha ok sorry rant over but seriously she's like my own personal soap sitcom. I have to had her oldets child is not even 3 yet. the youngest was born in October. I about died laughing one day when someone actually commented on one of her "relationship advice posts" and said "um are you really one to be giving out advice?" I've seriously considered defriending her but then again it gives me something to come home to when I've had a bad day and yell at. or about.

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