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March 19th, 2013, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ~~Que~~ View Post
Just remember that the Doctor works for you. YOU are paying him. You can always change care providers if you feel that the doctor is not respecting your choices. Feel confident in your choices and stand by them.

Be sure to weigh the benefits, risks, and alternatives for every test. There are many options out there. If your doctor is not familiar with alternatives, odds are high than another doctor is.
Myr is familiar with the alternatives, the specialist I am seeing is but is very pushy on the amnio because it gives more answers. My dr is not pushy,if I feel I should he will agree, if I feel I shouldn't he will agree.Tomorrow I have an appointment with him first thing in the morning and I am unsure how I am going to react because two weeks ago I lost it on him on the phone when he told me my baby was at risk of downs. I was asked to do cvs I refused, he was ok with that and did not want me changing my mind cus he says you do what your gut tells you to do right off the bat, and it said no, so now we take another route. Well the route he sent me was to a medical genetitcs counseller/dr. That person has given me TONS of options, one of which was the non invasive test, called harmony, and then kept pushing the issue of amnio, STILL TODAY pushed the issue. I read so many good things on amnios that I feel maybe I should just go for it and do it. and if a miscarriage happens, believe in my heart that that was the way it was supposed to happen? Ugh IDK, I will know more tomorrow of how my dr fully feels. I did book the harmony test for Thursday morning tho. Just incase . Its going to cost me $800 out of pocket.
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