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March 19th, 2013, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by kld1981 View Post
I see some of your babies eating adult foods, and it makes me so nervous to just hand her something like do you introduce it?
OK, I have to share our "method" so that you can laugh at me. I was SO freaked out that Kira was going to choke, that this is what we did:

* Hubby and I sat with Kira at the table
* Hubby broke off a piece of food (toast, banana, whatever) that he thought was appropriate
* Hubby handed the food to Kira
* I left the room until hubby called out that Kira had eaten it
* I came back in and clapped and we told her good job

Seriously -- I couldn't stand to be in the same room for like two weeks. I even hid in restaurant bathrooms while hubby handed her food if we were out.

I still get nervous but now I can hand her an apple slice, or piece of avocado, or even a full slice of toast. I can see that she bites off what she wants and she won't eat something if it's too big (I've seen her reach into her mouth and pull out a piece that's too big).

Obviously I would never leave her alone while eating, but since hubby was sitting right with her and presumably he doesn't want her to choke to death, it was just about getting me used to the idea.
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