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March 19th, 2013, 07:05 PM
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Hi ladies,

I know this is not a TTC board so let me know if I should not be asking my question here. You all have just been so supportive and I would love your input.

My husband and I are all over the place about whether or not to TTC again soon, but I have been tracking my cycles just so that I know what is going on. After my first loss at 39 weeks, AF didn't show until 11 weeks PP. My first cycle I O'd on CD 21, AF after 10 day LP. Second cycle I O'd on CD 17, AF after 11 LP. Third cycle I O'd on CD 16 and ended up pregnant.

After my miscarriage at 17 weeks, AF returned after 5 weeks. During my first cycle I O'd on 18, AF after 8 day LP. I am currently in my 2nd cycle and am pretty sure I ovulated CD 19 and I don't know how long my LP will be.

I am concerned because I seemed to be ovulating later now and my LP is shorter than with my last loss. Any thoughts on this? I am not sure if I should talk to a doc about this or if it will sort itself out. I know my body has been through a lot in the last year!

Thanks girls.
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