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March 19th, 2013, 08:00 PM
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Early, late, or on time? I was over a week late in August in the South.

Born natural, c/s, or with drugs?
My mom had pitocin to speed up labor but no epidural. She said it was no big deal to labor with pitocin and my sister and I were wimps to get epidurals (I had an epi the first time)

Formula fed or breastfed?
Formula. My mom tried BF with my older sister but hated it. I was allergic to regular formula though so she used soy for me

Disposable or cloth diapered?
Disposable. She tried cloth but I was allergic to either the detergent her diaper service used or the elastic on the plastic pants for covers. I had a lot of allergies.

Has your mother's choices influenced yours?
Yes and no. I chose a NCB the second time because of her. But I also chose breastfeeding because of the issues with allergies I had as a baby. My mom always said that I was the one she should have breastfed and maybe I wouldn't have allergies. Otherwise I am pretty stubborn and go with my instinct no matter what. I'm the hippie of the family with the co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, and cloth diapering.

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