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March 19th, 2013, 08:30 PM
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Kim TEST hehe....j/ what feels right to you

Brooke - 8 is great Can't wait to hear the fert report in the morning!!

Jenlynn, can't wait to hear that sky-high beta on the 25th! Why do they do them so far apart! That is torture

Aimee - so close now!

Gretchen, how are you doing?

AFM, I had my baseline U/S and bloodwork today, my AFC was 4 < 10 on the right and 5 < 10mm on the left, with a lining of 3.9A....last time was 3R/6L and I seem to not have changed much in three years msg for me on the voicemail system, so my E2 must have been good and supressed. Last bcp was tonight and I start Injectibles on Saturday 4vials Bravelle/2vials Menopur, Appts on Monday and Wed next week.

I had acupuncture tonight and it relaxed me, but then I fell in the parking lot (dumb, checking my phone and slipped on ice). My leg above my ankle is a bit swollen, but doesn't hurt much. So silly.

I got some big ole boxes of meds today I found out today that with the Ganirelix, I have to take Menopur with it, thus the 3 extra vials they added to my order. DH FREAKED out when he saw all the needles, he said they made him whoosy just looking at them. It's not even like he has to inject himself, or me for that matter. LOL . Good thing I don't mind needles!

Ahhhh, this is it
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