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March 19th, 2013, 08:46 PM
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That is too funny! I'm the same way, but Ryan is even worse than me. He had an episode with her choking on a pineapple accidentally once. I was upstairs and he freaked out. He had been letting her suck on it (not the entire pineapple obviously lol, just a wedge piece) and she bit a huge piece off and seriously was choking. I had no idea it had even happened until he worked up the courage to tell me 3 hours later. So he's super nervous, and so am i!

Does Kira have teeth? Rylynn has 1 and a half lol. So I suppose she could chew something up. She does great with baby mum mums and the puffs, and mashed potatos etc. I think I"ll just have to work up to it.

Thanks for sharing your method. Funny
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