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March 19th, 2013, 09:46 PM
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We are doing well, I don't get on even to lurk very often, though might do better staying in touch if somebody wanted to pm me with how to find the fb group.

Isaac will be 6 months on Thursday!!! Still not sitting up here or all that interested in doing it. Anyone else still in this boat? I don't think it's a real delay, just one of those personal developmental styles type things. He is doing well with his hands and passing things from one hand to the other and reaching across his body. He favors his left hand fairly often....?? Anyone with an older child as a lefty remember how early you could tell?

Our house nears completion (ha, yeah it wasn't done before the baby was born...) and we should be done done in about a month. It is getting exciting, though I am not quite to that "I feel like it's time to pack now" feeling. Probably after Easter I'll get serious about it.

Doing a combined bday party for my two older boys this week - Harry Potter theme. It's going to be a blast! Making like 40 wands and chocolate frogs in preparation for it tonight.

On that note... I've got to go. I'd love to see an update from the regulars too!
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