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March 19th, 2013, 11:02 PM
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I randomly ended up here, I don't normally post on this board, but I saw the title of this thread and had to stop in. My first two births were with an epi and my last three were without. With my first I did not even consider the idea of a natural birth for more than about 10 seconds. The idea of the needle in my back freaked me out, but the idea of labor freaked me out worse. It was wonderful, I was 8cm dilated when I got to the hospital and they told me as long as they could get a whole IV bag in me before I got to 10, they'd give me the epi, and they gave it to me and it literally was only working for about 10 minutes before pushing time, and I never lost feeling. Just the way it should be.

Then I went into my second experience much differently. I was told I needed to be induced medically on my due date if I had not already delivered, and I had not. I was freaked by that and kept wanting more natural routes, but not worried about the epi. EVERYTHING went wrong getting the epi started, he couldn't get it in, he had to start over, it was awful. I had a terrible experience. Even after it was in it never worked right, it made it worse. A lot worse actually. So I vowed, that was it.

So I was a little nervous with number 3, but I did it natural and with 4 and 5 it was easy to do it natural because I knew how much better I felt with the natural over the epi. Especially on a later birth natural is the way to go. That first one can have sooooo much pushing (2 and a half hours for me, and that's normal in first births in my family, even without an epi), but with later births there is so much less pushing, and things progress so much easier. I agree with Jennifer that each birth is different, but if you only tried it on your first, it could be a lot easier this time.

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